Step 1: You want all our data? Get some extra data on top!

There is a stunningly simple method to take action against surveillance: Generating misleading data footprints and thereby irritating the system. Therefore it is crucial that as many people as possible participate. That’s why we’re launching in English and German. Further languages will follow.

All together, we form a permanent online-flashmob which we frequently fuel with new campaigns. At kick-off for instance, we’re declaring the global “Fake Data Day“. The more people who join in, the more visible and effective our movement will become.

At first, we create attention and throw a spanner in the works of the surveillance machinery. Read more about the impact of our Akkurater Widerstand.

Step 2: Startup for basic liberties

Later on in 2015 we will found an officially registered, nonprofit, public benefit organizsation and launch a crowdfunding campaign. We are collecting money to develop solutions that will flood the internet with clutter on a very large scale and in a fully automated way.

These can be tools that obscure our profiles. Or a kind of data cannon that generates false data tracks in vast amounts. With solutions and technology like that we will wreak havoc on the surveillance systems. The agencies won’t be able to observe and control us any longer. This is an important step:

For data sovereignty in the digital age

Read more about the technological background and our long-term strategy.


We're fighting back against the illegal mass surveillance by the intelligence agencies with a simple trick: Our online-campaigns generate misleading data tracks. An example: Suddenly loads more people are searching the internet for baby clothes than usual. Sounds silly, but it isn't. The systems will wrongly calculate a higher birth rate. With just a few clicks we will throw a spanner in the surveillance works and blur our profiles. – It's fun, legal and so easy even my granny can join in. Will you come along, too? Accurate! – Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on the social networks!

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