Cell Phone Swap

kamp5Most of you probably don’t know the very German term “Vorratsdatenspeicherung”, but you may all have heard about the dangerous habit of governments across Europe who create some absurd surveillance law to track the entire population. In Germany, we have a fairly powerful supreme court (the “Bundesverfassungsgericht”), who will then usually declare the law illegal, or maybe the European court will. And then the government comes up with a new law to do the same thing, and the whole thing starts over again. This fun game has been going on for almost for a decade now. Sounds silly? Sure, it is.

But let’s get down to business: “Vorratsdatenspeicherung” means the collection and the storage of communication data of the entire population. How do we deal with it? Pretty simple: We turn the “Vorratsdatenspeicherung” into “VorratsFAKEdatenspeicherung”.

On the photo, you can see our Akkurater Widerstand-participant Markus in front of the Brandenburg Gate, but his cell phone data say that he is on a trip to a bathing lake. How so? Markus swapped his cell with his girlfriend for a day! The result: misleading data traces collected by the governmental surveillance system.

Just a small resistance to go.

Even if you are not located in Germany, you may try it on your own. It’s just fun.

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We're fighting back against the illegal mass surveillance by the intelligence agencies with a simple trick: Our online-campaigns generate misleading data tracks. An example: Suddenly loads more people are searching the internet for baby clothes than usual. Sounds silly, but it isn't. The systems will wrongly calculate a higher birth rate. With just a few clicks we will throw a spanner in the surveillance works and blur our profiles. – It's fun, legal and so easy even my granny can join in. Will you come along, too? Accurate! – Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on the social networks!

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