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Hello, my name is Heinrich Strößenreuther. I am a former Greenpeace activist and currently engaged in an urban “pro bicycle”-campaign. Also I’m joining the Akkurater Widerstand and this is my contribution:

Get your NSA-Premium-Account!

Have you already heard of the “Tor browser”? If not: This is a tool that enables you to browse the internet anonymously. Hold on a second, “anonymously”? Isn’t that suspicious? Absolutely, it is!

That’s why everyone downloading the Tor browser automatically gets tagged by the NSA and becomes “premium-suspect”, so to speak. Let’s use this effect for our own purposes.

The more innocent people are listed on this NSA watch list, the more useless it gets. In other words: If all people become suspects, no one will be more suspicious than anyone else. Let’s go for it!

Your personal NSA-Upgrade – this is how it works:

Download the free Tor browser and install it on your computer.

• Post your surveillance-upgrade on your favorite social-media-channels with some personal words. Please use the hashtag #NSAUpgrade and this hyperlink of our campaign:

Come along, everyone!

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We're fighting back against the illegal mass surveillance by the intelligence agencies with a simple trick: Our online-campaigns generate misleading data tracks. An example: Suddenly loads more people are searching the internet for baby clothes than usual. Sounds silly, but it isn't. The systems will wrongly calculate a higher birth rate. With just a few clicks we will throw a spanner in the surveillance works and blur our profiles. – It's fun, legal and so easy even my granny can join in. Will you come along, too? Accurate! – Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on the social networks!

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