Global Fake Data Day


Hello, I’m Anna Maria Mintsi-Scholze and I’m taking part in the Akkurater Widerstand.

Why? Recently, I’ve opened an online shop and since then I’m really excited about what one can get going on the Internet. But what about the downside? All my businsess emails are being sent across the whole world, openly visible and readable for everyone. Anyone and everyone, including my business competitors, can read along; not to mention the threatening invasion of my privacy. Me as an entrepreneur, I would like to underatke something to fight against this. In this spirit, I warmly invite you to the global:

Day of cloudy profiles

This date is chosen intentionally: On the Fourth of July the USA celebrate their “Independence Day” and we will use the day to put forward our symbolic indenpendence declaration against the surveillance machinery.

fakedatadayHere we go:

• Schedule the event on your digital calender.

• Take a screenshot of your entry and post the photo with the hashtag #FakeDataDay and the hyperlink on one or many social networks. Add a personal note if you wish.

That’s all at first. Of course, we will remind you in the run up to the event. Finally, on the appointed date we will all manipulate our own profiles on the social networks. Everyone can choose one or numerous social channels and change their place of residence on Twitter, or falsely choosing a `like` for absurd things on Facebook and other similar actions.

The global Fake Data Day – We blur ourselves!

The impact: If the surveillence agencies collect our data without our knowledge or agreement, why not serve them data that doesn’t make sense and isn’t useful. According to the principle of Akkurater Widerstand: “You want all our data? Get some extra data on top!”

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We're fighting back against the illegal mass surveillance by the intelligence agencies with a simple trick: Our online-campaigns generate misleading data tracks. An example: Suddenly loads more people are searching the internet for baby clothes than usual. Sounds silly, but it isn't. The systems will wrongly calculate a higher birth rate. With just a few clicks we will throw a spanner in the surveillance works and blur our profiles. – It's fun, legal and so easy even my granny can join in. Will you come along, too? Accurate! – Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on the social networks!

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